Hi, my name is Alexander

I'm a frontend developer

and graphic designer

I love to write code

and creat web :)


Though it's the basic and the simplest of all possible languages you can't do web without it. But you can use it right. And I know how )) html5 is today's standard and its semantic improves all the time. In my work I prefer to use jade (node template engine) to write layouts fast and future proof.

doctype html 
title Web Development & Design
h1 Jade - node template engine
h2 Jade Rocks HTML5
Jade is a terse and simple
templating language with a
strong focus on performance
and powerful features.


That's when design talks )) css is also very simple but powerful tool. You can lose all your visitors because of it or recieve awwwards, if used right. Todays css coding is impossible without such awsome things like Sass/SCSS. Still, with css3 you always have to look for balance between new features and old browsers.

$font-stack: Helvetica
$primary-color: #333;

body {
font: 100% $font-stack;
color: $primary-color;
nav {
ul {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
list-style: none;
li { display: inline-block; }


Well, can you imagine web without all its functionality? Me neither )) javascript is a heart of the web and, thankfully to such a great things like node.js and gulp it's getting more and more irreplaceable. With jQuery and gulp coding a frontend is like writing a poetry of functions, methods and prototypes.

// js makes web dynamic
var skills;
skills = {
layout: 'html',
style: 'css',
programming: 'javascript',
design: 'photoshop'
for (var key in skills) {
if (skills.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
console.log(skills[key] + ' is good!');


Photoshop is something web development would suffer without. Layouts, mockups, positioning, color management, ui/ux planning, image optimisation and much much more - thats what it's all about. I prefer to visualize design before coding, knowing how viewports would look like and always start mobile first. Design before coding is a big time booster!


Before SVG grew its popularity, illustrator wasn't that much of a web developer tool. Today, in the era of retina displays and high resolution gadgets, at least svg logo is a must, for a respectful webpage. Graphic design is also useful when creating icons or some special parts of web page. Anyway, if we talk about quality - we talk about vector graphics.


  • semantic html5 with jade templating
  • css3/scss bem organized
  • javascript: angular / jquery
  • automation with gulp
  • svg / retina graphics
  • responsive design or bootstrap
  • ui / ux development
  • singel page applications
  • expirianced with: node.js / express / sails / meteor

What else?

From the blank browsers web page till the final tag and ; - I do it, because I like it :) You can read my clients feedbacks at UpWork (oDesk), take a look at my portfolio, or drop me a line, so I can contact you. I'm open to suggestions and new challanges :)